Pilot Training

iPilot’s 777 Simulators are fixed based training devices based on the 777-800NG, located at Villaggio Mall, Near Torch Tower, Off Al Waab St, Doha – Qatar.

The simulator is fully functioning, and includes standard 777 features such as overhead panel, throttle quadrant, Comms & Nav equipment. Dual FMCs, MCP, EICAS, PFDs, Dual Autopilots, and more. Wrap around projection ensures that the pilots feel the sensation of movement.

The Simulator is controlled from our Instructor station which can change factors such as weather, position, time of day, fuel loads, repositioning, recording approaches, and simulating faults such as engine failures (at v1), avionic and hydraulic failures.

We also have VATSIM as part of our simulator, which is an online ATC system should you wish to practice some Radio calls. Other features include:

  • A database of all major international airports
  • CD & DVD Recording facilities for later study

Our Simulators are open weekdays from 10am until 9pm, 9am to 9pm on Saturdays, and 11am-6pm on Sundays. Pilots may book out of hours slots dependent on Instructor availability.

Simulator Assessments

iPilot Instructors help pilots every month prepare for Assessments and Job Interviews.

Your simulator time with us will include a full brief and debrief, and we will talk you through some of the technical questions and routes you can expect relating to the airline you are going for an assessment with.

The Simulator time is yours to tailor as you wish, or if you want a general refresher, will will take you through some basic Instrument procedures whilst getting you familiar with our 777 Simulator and Multi-Crew calls.

Some basic items that are requested on most simulator practice sessions:

General Handling, SIDs, STARs, ILS approaches, NDB Holds, V1 Cuts, RTOs, and more.

iPilot SOPs are based on standard JAA MCC SOPs, and a list of speeds along with pitch and power settings will be sent out before each training session.

To date, iPilot can boast a 95% success record with Simulator checks.

iPilot also have a wide range of highly professional and capable instructors ranging from CPL/MEIR/MCC holders, to pilots with thousands of hours on type. All of our instructors are very familiar with the 777 cockpit set-up, and can perform all Multi-Crew activities with you, or indeed just be there in an advisory role. 777 specific Type Rated pilots are available on request and at a supplement.

Pilot Training